Automobile Accident

More than 20 million Automobile Accidents Occur in the U.S. Annually

A serious automobile accident is a traumatic experience that nobody wants to imagine being involved in. However, over 20 million auto accidents occur in the United States every year. Even the best drivers cannot always avoid the negligent actions of others.

Our years of experience in investigating automobile accident cases has shown us that often times product liability claims are “hidden” in accident cases. It is critical that your attorney considers the possibilities so that no claim gets overlooked. If there are injuries that are disproportionate to the severity of the accident, a product liability claim should be considered.

The most common types of automobile accidents involve:

  • Frontal impacts (most common)
  • Side imacts
  • Rear impacts
  • Rollovers (most rare)

In-house accident investigators

Since 1988, Beasley Allen has had its own in-house Accident Investigation division. Having dedicated, experienced accident investigators in-house has been critical in evaluating potential automobile accident claims.

Our investigators offer expert analysis and advice while assisting in the preparations for trial. The Investigative Division, headed by Bruce Huggins, employs seven full-time investigators who are professionally trained law enforcement officers having graduated from the Police Academy. Many of the investigators have served as division heads in local police forces and have attended prestigious academies, such as the FBI National Academy.

In the U.S. rollovers have contributed to more than 10,000 deaths a year, even though they only account for about 3 percent of all crashes.

Do you have an automobile accident claim?

If your loved one has suffered a serious injury or death as a result of an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.

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